The AARI’s initiatives provide outreach, education and technical assistance to the African communities in Rhode Island.

The goal of the initiatives is to engage the African and Rhode Island communities, about issues regarding the diasporas. AARI seeks to educate the community about how Africans can add great value in the community and build leadership.

The initiative includes the following components:

  • Community Garden
  • Healthcare
  • Outreach

Community Garden

AARI’s Community gardens initiative aims at promoting healthy eating, environmental awareness, education about African foods and provide work to many low income persons on the South side of Providence.

African Health Summit

The African Alliance working with the Department of Health and the Rhode Island Public Health Institute on a Neighborhood Health Check.

The World Health Organization Says: “Poorer people live shorter lives and are more often ill than the rich. This disparity has drawn attention to the remarkable sensitivity of health to the social environment.”